Q2016 Results

Cove Local Novice – 1st place in their division!!! Nathan Wheeler, Isaiah Dunbar, Gabe Leake and Luke Carswell

Cove Experienced – 11th – Alex Wheeler, Joshua Dunbar, Mallory Leake, Nicole Wheeler and Caleb Dunbar

South Texas District Experienced A – 6th – Alex Wheeler, Joshua Dunbar, Olivia Gorrell and Megan Marotz

South Texas District Novice – 3rd – Nathan Wheeler, Isaiah Dunbar, Gabe Leake and Luke Carswell

SNU A – 4th – Alex Wheeler, Joshua Dunbar, Olivia Gorrel

SNU B – 2nd – Megan Marotz

Individually, we had some who placed.

Local Novice (awards for 1-10, 101 total quizzers)
Nathan Wheeler – 4th place
Isaiah Dunbar – 13th.

Local Experienced (awards for 1-20, 177 total quizzers)
Alex Wheeler – 3rd
Joshua Dunbar- 19th

District Novice (awards for 1-15, 112 total quizzers)
Nathan Wheeler – 3rd
Isaiah Dunbar – 22nd

District Experienced (awards for 1-20, 195 total quizzers)
Mallory Leake – 6th
Alex Wheeler – 26th
Nicole Wheeler – 29th
Megan Marotz – 30th
Joshua Dunbar – 31st

Regional/Field B Division
Megan Marotz – 3rd

SNU A National Champs!!!

While the rest of us are prepping for GEPCP next year, four of our district quizzers were still digging into Acts.

Levi Havens and Olivia Gorrell were on the SNU B team that placed 3rd at the national tournament.

Mallory Leake and Megan Marotz were on the SNU A team which WON the double elimination tournament to take the National Championship!!! Congratulations to all four of our South Texas Quizzers and all ten of our regional quizzers who represented us well this year!

1st Photo – the four South Texas District Quizzers at the tournament.

Megan (Hill Country), Mallory (Cove), Olivia (Hill Country), and Levi (Killeen)


2nd Photo – SNU A Team and national champs

Jonathan Acre (Oklahoma), Kassy Gray (Oklahoma), Mallory Leake (South Texas), Megan Marotz (South Texas), Colton Bechtold (Dallas) and coach Darrik Acre (Oklahoma)